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If you are interested in being a driver in Olev, you may contact us from the form below.

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When you apply, It is required to bring the following documents.

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Olev is a next-generation mobile application that enables the supply and demand relationship between the transportation companies and its customer groups. OLEV, a Turkish company, pays the relevant taxes in every steps of its operation at the rates stipulated by Turkish Tax Legislation and works only with the companies with the same sensitivity.

By working with Olev, you get both the economy to stay in our country and the regular payment of your taxes as well as the chance of winning more.You can contact with the local company Olev and solve your problems easily. You get continuous customer flow with intense customer base and 360 degree advertising campaigns focused on Istanbul. With the payments collected by brokage house which is in the state’s guarantee, your income will be guaranteed and you will receive it regularly.

Olev provide service by collecting 1.5% (including tax) brokerage commission from total turnover and 15% + KDV(VAT) Olev service commission.

All payments received by the system are collected by brokage house operating under the law no 6493 and its account is in our state security, and payments are made once a week.

Olev grants to its solution partners free of charge all relevant legal support through its own lawyers throughout the study period.

Olev will receive 250 vehicle registy at the first step, and complete the first stage car purchases. The reason is to keep the fist 250 vehicle customers’s demand at the maximum level. When the customer demand reaches the maximum level, the purchase of the new stage vehicle will begin. (Number of remaining vehicle quota: 87)

Since Olev is a Turkish company operating in Istanbul, it continues its operations at the same time as you. All your requests for cooperation will be concluded within 24 hours. You can contact with us at [email protected] e-mail address.

To work with Olev, you can apply on our “Be a driver” page on our website contact us at [email protected] e-mail address.

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