Privacy Policy

Our confidentiality text indicates Olev’s policy with regard to personal information of passengers who are using its mobile application.

Privacy Policy

1. What information does Olev ask for?

  • Personal identifying information (name, surname, mobile phone number, e-mail address).
  • Mobile operating system version information of mobile device that you use.
  • Location information, received from mobile device that you use.
  • Information on rating, giving for driver, and comments at the end of ride.
  • Comments, written in “Recommendations and Comments” section in the application.

1.1 For what purpose does Olev use those information?

  • To verify your identity (by sending identification code to mobile phone number that you have given).
  • Providing customer support and troubleshooting.
  • To inform about service updates and errors.
  • To inform about campaigns regarding the application.
  • For the driver to call you in case s/he wants to confirm your ride request. (Drivers, abusing this issue are removed from the system.)

1.2 Sharing of personal information

  • Unless obliged by relevant law or requested by order of relevant authorities, Olev does not sell, rent, market or transfer personal information and/or traffic data or communication content by any other way without your clear authorization.
  • Olev may disclose personal information to meet legal requirements, to act in line with our legal rights or to defend itself against legal right demands, to protect Olev’s interests, to fights against fraud and to implement our principles or to protect rights, property or safety of any person in line with legal request, received by legal authorities.

2. How do we store your data?

  • Your data are stored on our safe servers. You can access the application with the password that you have determined and passwords are kept in our system as irrevocably coded. Keeping your password secure and not sharing it is under your responsibility. However, it can not be guaranteed that relaying information over internet open to public is 100% safe. We use encoded connection to protect your data, but the risk of attacks, made to your internet connection during data transfer, is on you. When your information has reached our servers, any kind of safety measure to protect them is taken by ourselves.

3. Accessing your information and updates

  • In case you apply, we can share a copy of your information, kept in our system, after carrying out required security control. You can update some of your information on the application, you can demand update by calling our customer services.

4. Cookies and information, stored on devices

  • To allow you to use our service faster and more active, we store session cookies on your devices. If you wish, you can prevent storage of those information with a change that you make in device settings. However, if you do this, you may not benefit from all functions of Olev service. Our right to make changes on Confidentiality Policy from time to time is reserved. In case we make any changes, relevant information will be given to you.